The Regenboog Apotheek

A partner you can trust for supplies to ships

The Regenboog Apotheek supplies medicines, bandages and medical aids to shipping- and offshore. Due to the central location of the pharmacy in the Rotterdam harbour, is the pharmacy able to offer a quick delivery service.

The Regenboog Apotheek is specialised in

  • Checking and replenishing the ship’s pharmacy
  • Managing the medical stock
  • Releasing certificates for the medical equipment
  • Re-stocking medical supplies and send these worldwide

The Regenboog Apotheek also takes care of

  • The pharmacy checks, issues certificates and supplies ships / offshore platforms in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, IJmuiden, Antwerp, Flushing, Terneuzen, Eemshaven, Ghent and Zeebrugge.
  • The pharmacy delivers medicines on prescription and bandages from the doctor / hospital for the crew
  • The pharmacy delivers medicines and bandages on request of the captain

As a customer you can profit from

  • 24 hour service
  • Medicines and bandages with a long shelf life
  • A large stock, to quickly provide your ship with a complete medical chest
  • Your own article codes, legal codenumber and / or expiry dates on the packinglist / invoice

A partner you can trust for supplies to ships

The Regenboog Apotheek has supplied medicines, bandages and medical aids to ships, and has equipped ships’ hospitals since 1989.

Legal regulations

The medical supplies, which are compulsory by law on board of ships, depend on the flag of the ship, the waters, the crew size and the cargo.

Through the contacts of the pharmacy with legislative / supervising authorities in various countries, the pharmacy always keep up to date with the official regulations for the medical supplies on board.