When your ship doesn’t have a complete stocklist, or one that isn’t properly regulated, then an empty stocklist will be sent to you. You can fill in this list yourself and then send it back to the Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy, so your data can be processed.
You can fill in this list and periodically send this to the Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy. The advanced computer system of the Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy keeps up when your medical supplies expire. Then an offer will be made, based on the expired medical supplies and the supplies that are out of stock.
After order confirmation, your medical supplies will be sent to you worldwide. On a yearly basis, a new certificate will be created, which will be sent with your order to you. The stocklist will be sent on paper, CD-ROM and through e-mail. So you always have a checklist of your medical stock.

Worldwide Deliveries with Best Global Logistics (

Scheme procedure service contract and certificate

  • 1. A full inventory check of the medical locker and poison treatment chest should be performed 2-4 weeks before renewal of the twelve monthly medical certificate.
  • 2. Fill in the spreadsheet included on this disc, listing all quantities of medicines on board, together with the relevant expiry dates (see notes). Please check all medicines, equipment and first aid kits.
  • 3. The completed inventory spreadsheets should be sent to Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy or vessels owner/manager by e-mail.
  • 4. Please include a purchase order number (when applicable) and indicate the expiry date of the current medical certificate.
  • 5. Please mention date and place of delivery (name, address, country, fax, tel, e-mail. Notes:
    • a. Please check expiry dates on all sterile dressings (marked on spreadsheets) All dressings without an expiry date should be replaced if they look old or damaged.
    • b. Please inform us of full details of oxygen cylinders and sets carried (i.e. name, manufacturer, valve fitting, cylinders sizes, last test date.


The Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy is able to label all the medicines in 2 languages, ie. the language of the flag under which the ship sails, aided by our translating-computer-program. The directions for the use of the medicines are available in 7 languages. Therefore the crew can read the directions for use and the application of the medicine. All the medicines are provided with the expiry date and the legal codenumber.

The Regenboog Apotheek is unique in supplying medicines to ships

The Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy has 18 years of experience, knowledge and specialization in delivering medical supplies.
The Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy is 24 hours available. The Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy has complete medical chests in stock and works with a time-saving and reliable system. The Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy will meet your expectations in service, for a competitive price.