How can I renew my medical certificate?

  1. The medical locker can be checked by Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy when the vessel calls a port in the Netherlands or Belgium.
  2. The officer in charge can send an up-to-date inventory list to us.
  3. If not available the vessel can receive a medical inventory list in accordance with the requirements based on the regulations as prescribed by the country of flag registration.
  4. This list is filled in by the officer on board and sent to us.
  5. Regenboog Shipping Pharmacy will make a quotation for the replacement of the used and/or the expired items.
  6. After having received the confirmation for delivery we will dispatch the order with a new certificate to any place in the world, as instructed by the owners.
  7. On request, your inventory can be kept up-to-date by us through a computerized periodical check up.

Where can I get health information for certain locations?

You can get more informatie on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website